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The Scottsboro Boys were a group of 9 black teens, who were convicted in a Democrat State, Alabama, of rape, in 1931. They were falsely accused of rape by two white women, Ruby Bates & Victoria Price, who said the boys raped them on a train.Scottsboro Boys

In the first set of trials in April 1931, a jury quickly convicted the Scottsboro Boys and sentenced eight of them to death. The boys’ lives were DESTROYED. The women later admitted their allegations were FALSE. All of the Scottsboro Boys served prison time. Convictions were overturned and the charges finally dropped in 1937 for 5 of the boys. It would take until 2013 for the state to issue posthumous pardons for the remaining three accused.

When WOMEN LIE, good men DIE.

Oh, what happened to the women who lied? They faded into obscurity, changed their names, married and lived long lives. WITH NO CONSEQUENCES. So, remember this story the next time you hear feminists screaming “WE BELIEVE SURVIVORS.”

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