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During the July 11 Republican Party of Wisconsin convention, as part of normal proceedings, the delegates debated and approved the state platform.  The old format was scrapped in favor of a shorter and more focused version.  The Republican Party of Sheboygan County (RPSC) played a major role in the change.  Art DeJong, a long time RPSC member and resident of Sheboygan, authored the platform that was adopted with minor changes.  DeJong, a retired high school English teacher, taught at Christian School in Sheboygan and is Campaign Chairman for the Sheboygan County GOP.  RPSC chairman, Dennis Gasper, from Plymouth presented the report of the platform committee to the convention and it was adopted.

In presenting this platform to the convention, Gasper stated, “—At first glance, it looks like this statement was written within the last month or two in reaction to recent events. That is not the case. This Statement of Principles was adopted by the Republican Party of Sheboygan County over a year ago and was posted to our web page where it remains. In few words, authored well prior to recent events, this set of principles addresses the mobs and the tyrannical edicts that violate people’s rights issued by Democrat governors and mayors. There were no last-minute changes needed to keep up with the latest events. What I like about this document is its readability, its appeal to our emotional side, and that the principles espoused within are unchanging just as our founders meant them to be. —”

Read the July 2020 Republican Party of Wisconsin Platform Here


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