59th Assembly District Race

59th Assembly District

The election campaigns for the 59th Assembly District presents Republican voters with an interesting situation.  There are 4 Republican candidates who will be on the Republican primary ballot August 14th.  The four candidates are: Ty Bodden, Ken Depperman, Rachel Mixon and Timothy Ramthun.  This seat opened up when Rep. Jesse Kremer, the current representative, decided not to seek a third term.

Since there are no Democrat challengers, the winner of this primary will be on the ballot on November 6 and may run unopposed.  This makes the August primary very important.  Because of this unique situation, the Republican Party of Sheboygan County has decided to provide each candidate with an opportunity to explain their candidacy to inform voters.  As each candidate provides us with this information we will put it on this page.

Ty Bodden

Ty Bodden was born to Mark Bodden & Wendy Bodden in Madison, but later moved to Highland Avenue in Kewaskum before residing in St. Cloud.

Ty Bodden

Ty Bodden

He would return to St. Cloud for a second and third time later on and has family scattered throughout the Holyland area as well as in the Kewaskum and Theresa area. He attended Consolidated Catholic Schools in Lomira & Theresa until 8th grade, where he played basketball against Shepard of the Hills in Eden, St. Matthew’s in Campbellsport and Holy Trinity in Kewaskum. Bodden attended Stockbridge High School and received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration, along with a Business Administration minor, from the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. While there, he was the Co-founder and Vice-President of the College Republicans. He graduated with his Master’s in Public Administration in May. Bodden married his high school sweetheart, Paige, in July of 2016. The two have been together for nearly nine years and are now expecting their first child in December.

Bodden served as Representative Jesse Kremer’s Campaign Manager in 2014 and assisted State Senator Duey Stroebel in his special election campaign in the winter of 2015. In addition to those two campaigns, he has worked with countless other candidates around the area over the years. Ty’s political experience started while he was still in the stroller, riding around with his parents while they would knock on doors for Congressman Tom Petri. Bodden had the opportunity to meet President George W. Bush in 2004. He assisted Senator and now Congressman Glenn Grothman with parades and sign distribution. Ty also served on Representative Ron Tusler’s campaign in 2016.

He is currently the Farm and Nonprofit Manager of Cristo Rey Ranch, which is located adjacent to Villa Loretto Nursing Home in Mt. Calvary. Cristo Rey Ranch is a farm and a nonprofit organization that focuses on animal therapy for children and young adults with autism and other disabilities. They also provide services for the elderly and have a work-training program for people with special needs.

Bodden is a pro-life advocate as well as an NRA member and a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights. He promises to protect and support the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin, as well as the Constitution of the United States of America. One of his main goals is to create and support policies that help farmers. In addition to that, he wants to make sure there are more job training opportunities for our high school and college students, especially tech school students, so we can not only increase graduation rates, but also help those students to be more successful in the workforce. Bodden can be easily reached by phone at (920) 624-2289 or by email at tyboddenforassembly@gmail.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. Bodden pledges to be transparent and will respond to every legitimate call and email he receives!

Rachel Mixon

Rachel Mixon, a conservative veteran teacher with over 20 years of experience, is a Republican candidate for the 59th District State Assembly seat.

Rachel Mixon

Rachel Mixon

Born and raised in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Rachel  has been a resident of southeastern Wisconsin for nearly all of her life. She graduated from Cedarburg High School and went on to Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI, where she earned her BA and her education degree.

Rachel married in 1997. She and her husband Dave along with their son Luke have made their home in Hartford, WI. They have lived in the city for 14 years and are involved in the community and their church, Wellspring Community Church.

Rachel currently serves as an Alderperson for the Hartford Common Council, a position she has held since 2012. As an alderperson, Rachel has served on the Utility Committee and the Hartford Community Development Authority Committee. She is currently the chairperson of the Public Works Committee and the liaison to the Police and Fire Commission. She is ready to bring all of her municipal government experience to Madison as the 59th District State Assembly Representative.

Rachel has extensive experience in all aspects of education. The passion she brings into the classroom stems from a deep desire to educate students with the understanding that they are the future. What they learn and how they learn matter to all of us. Rachel’s work as an educator at Brookfield Academy has exposed her strong leadership qualities, propelling her into the role of History Department Chair.

Unwavering in her pro-life beliefs, Rachel understands the value of human life. She is also a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. These views not only make her a strong candidate, but also the top choice as a citizen legislator.

It is Rachel’s desire to take these experiences to Madison and work to make Wisconsin schools safe places of real learning. Rachel also wants state and local governments to work closely together to make the best decisions for the greatest number of Wisconsin residents. She also strongly believes in helping the vibrant agriculture businesses of Wisconsin to continue to be able to be successful.

Timothy Ramthun

Timothy Ramthun

Timothy Ramthun has been a resident of the 59th Assembly District and the Kewaskum Community a majority of his life. Tim is a devoted husband of forty (40) blessed years to wife Carolann, is the father of two (2) and a grandfather of eight (8). Tim wants his kids, his grandkids, and all kids, to inherit the same district, State, and nation that is as full of the promise as the one he has enjoyed.

As a young man, Tim developed a very strong and responsible work ethic in serving the needs of the many; his family, neighbors, friends, and even strangers, who then became new friends. Tim will do anything for anyone if it helps in making a difference. Areas of increased responsibility or helping the elderly are his most special. His compassion is legendary in the Kewaskum community, where he also completed his K-12 public education.

Tim’s passion to serve is to do so effectively, with quality in process and execution that always exceed expectation. Tim’s focus in college was information technology, process methodologies, and accounting, where he obtained technical diplomas and several certifications for his academic credits and high achievement. After graduation, Tim worked entry-level roles in service delivery where within four (4) brief years, he found himself promoted to leadership levels. He’s been serving in that type of capacity since. Tim is a natural leader. His work ethic and passion for service, success he found from more than four decades resolving private sector business issues for multiple organizations supporting various industries, has chiseled him into a sought-after professional. Tim also owned and operated a small family business for five (5) years with Carolann. Practical experience, which can be applied to today’s challenges and situations, run deep.

Tim is currently serving his sixth year as a seated member of the Kewaskum Board of Education, where he has dutifully and conservatively served within several functions, from Board officer to Committee Chair, to membership of various committees. As an officer, Tim was instrumental in leading the school district through a very difficult transitional period. Tim knows through proven experience how to serve, how to lead, and how to resolve challenges. His overall service capabilities place him head-and-shoulders above his competition, which will enable him to serve the residents of the 59th District well.

Wisconsin faces continued challenges. State government remains too large and is growing in cost, currently $76.1B this biennium. This condition is intrusive to people’s lives and affects the overall tax burden for us all. Whether it’s telling you how your children should be educated, what health insurance you must buy, or how businesses are layered in regulation and bureaucracy, the people have grown concerned about debt and the impact it is having on our society. We need qualified, dedicated people—people of integrity, courage, and conviction—to run for state-level offices. Tim is and has always remained a fiscal conservative. He believes there is great value in having representation from someone that has extensive private sector experience. Navigating through issues, courageously asking the tough questions that most shy from, ensuring strategic value and return-on-investment in all issues for the taxpayer, and holding people and process accountable for failing to meet expectations, is mission-critical. Wisconsin must sustain its efforts to build our economy with jobs, lower taxation, support for the farming industry, and continue efforts of structure, fiscal discipline, and preborn protection.

Representing people in a governance role is an obligation, a duty that carries great challenge and great reward. People want a representative who is focused on doing right, working both hard and smart, someone who can (and will) both influence and inspire State government to raise its bar of capability and results. Now, more than ever, is the time for Tim. See more about Tim at: www.RamthunForAssembly.com and please consider casting your August 14th ballot for the one who WILL make the desired difference as your next representative of the 59th District, Timothy Ramthun!

Ken Depperman

On Mark Belling's July 9th Radio Show, it was revealed that Ken Depperman, candidate for the 59th Assembly District, had signed the Walker Recall Petition. A quick visit to the Verify The Recall web site revealed this page which shows Depperman's name. Something to consider when voting in the August 14th Primary.