Become a Poll Worker

The Wisconsin Elections Commission encourages all private citizens to vote and to become involved in the election process.  One of the most rewarding ways to do this is to become an Election Day poll worker, also known as an election inspector.  The Chief Election Inspector is in charge of the polling place, and has additional training Become A Poll Workerrequirements.

Citizen involvement is essential to conduct open, accurate and fair elections in Wisconsin. We hope that you will consider participation in one of these positions.

As a Republican, you are also insuring that we are able to monitor any voting irregularities that might be taking place.  Right now, the municipal clerks around the county have a problem.  Many regular poll workers have become unavailable to work. They are the older poll workers that have chronic health problems and can’t be expected to put themselves at risk when there is a pandemic making its way through our ranks.  The solution to that problem is for healthy people to step forward to make sure that our polls are properly staffed.  You can do that by contacting your municipal clerk and volunteering to fill in. Your municipal clerk’s contact information can be found at   Usually the pay is about $100/day.

For more information, please contact RPSC Chair Dennis Gaspar at: .