Dennis Gasper Opinion

RPSC Chairman, Dennis Gasper wrote the following opinion that appeared in a local newspaper.

I am responding to Ben Winker, Chairman, Democrat Party of Wisconsin.  The entire letter that Mr. Winker had published in various newspapers supports a system of balloting that's easy to manipulate, impossible to monitor, and readily corrupted.  And he lets it be known that anyone who opposes such a process is "suppressing the vote" of "Blacks and browns, young, low income, or have disabilities".  This ties into the malicious and unsubstantiated accusations of Republican racism by the media.  By fictitiously labeling and slandering Republicans and anyone who supported President Trump, Mr. Winker and Democrats have clearly rejected human decency and proper protocol in their desire to win elections.  It is easy to conclude that chaos on election day must work to the advantage of Democrats.

There is no question that radicals and activists exploit any lapse of ballot security.  That is why laws are written and must be followed as prescribed.  Anything less and the winner of our elections goes to the persons who can stuff the most ballots into the box in a given period of time.  Mr. Winker says, "It's about democracy".  The quickest way to destroy our democracy is to follow his instructions.  Our democracy can only be saved by strict adherence to election law and closing loopholes that make fraudulent voting easy and without consequence.  Sadly, Governor Evers shows no interest in free and fair elections.


Dennis Gasper 3/16/21