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Glenn Grothman, 6th Congressional District

Congressman Glenn Grothman


Glenn Grothman:

  • passionately advocates for manufacturing, tax reform, welfare reform, closing the skills gap and cutting federal spending
  • has supported closing the skills gap by encouraging young people and unemployed to take advantage of career and technical training
  • has advocated tirelessly on the Budget Committee to cut discretionary spending and reform mandatory programs

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Devin LeMahieu, 9th State Senate District

Senator Devin LeMahieu


Devin LeMahieu:

  • voted for real tax reforms to make Wisconsin’s tax code simpler and help taxpayers by eliminating the state property tax and reducing the “marriage penalty” for income tax returns
  • has supported funding increases of over $500 per student in K-12 public education
  • supported new funding for improvements of local roads and bridges
  • voted to lower health premiums for those on the individual market
  • authored legislation to expand access to mental health services in schools

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Terry Katsma, 26th State Assembly District

Representative Terry Katsma


Terry Katsma:

  • will fight for citizens to keep more of their hard earned dollars and and believes that people know best how to spend their money, not the government deciding for them.
  • believes that quality educational opportunities will result in a skilled workforce
  • will fight in Madison for responsible spending of your tax dollars.

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Tyler Vorpagel, 27th State Assembly District

Representative Tyler Vorpagel


Tyler Vorpagel:

  • supported a bill that requires the DNR to use the Haven monitoring station because it more accurately monitors air pollutants put out by Sheboygan County
  • supported a bill that adds additional Assistant District Attorneys in Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties
  • supported an assembly bill guaranteeing coverage of pre-existing conditions

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Cory Roeseler, Sheboygan County Sheriff

Sheriff Cory Roeseler


Cory Roeseler:

  • was appointed Sheboygan County Sheriff by Gov. Scott Walker in 2017
  • has been in the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office since 1991
  • served as the Chief of Police for the Cascade Police Department from 2003 to 2018

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