Run For Office

Conservatives: Run For Local Office

For far too long Conservatives have ignored local races.

It is time for you to get off the sidelines and run for local office.

The left has been stacking local governments, school boards, and judgeships with ultra-liberal candidates who are no longer hiding their desires to fundamentally change our way of life.
For far too long Conservatives have ignored local races.

Here's An Example

Last June, the SASD Board of Education passed a motion by a 7-2 vote to make masks optional regardless of vaccination status.  On Sept. 2, that same motion was approved by a 5-4 vote.  The election of a new board member last Spring made the difference between a 5-4 vote to make make masks optional and and 4-5 vote that would have required masks.  If you want the SASD Board to represent parents who want masks to remain optional, more conservative Board members need to be elected to the Board.


We need to stop giving liberals a potential springboard to higher office and stop them from implementing their crazy ideas at the local level.

Please contact us for assistance with your race.


We Need You

How RPSC Can Help

  1. Even though local elections are non-partisan, we want to support local candidates who share the values of the RPSC.  Please read the RPSC Statement of Principles to understand our beliefs.
  2. RPSC has members who currently serve as elected officials in local government at the county, city, and school district levels.  They can be valuable resources to help you should you decide to run for public office.
  3. RPSC also have members who may be willing to volunteer their time in displaying yard signs, sign nomination papers, and distribute campaign literature.