Wednesday - October 28, 2020

Women For Trump



Support President Trump

Corner Rally

Saturday - October 31, 2020

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


(14th & Erie)



Support President Trump

Lit Drop

Saturday - October 31, 2020

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

(Meet at 1122 Indiana Ave)



Election Day

Vote If You Haven't Already Voted

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

 RPSC Office Will Be Closed On Election Day.


Support President Trump

Flash Rallies

These rallies can pop up at any time, anywhere.

All you need is a sign or flag and a friend.

Support President Trump

Individual Lit Drop

These happen anytime you feel like it between 9 am and 6pm.

All you need is a sign or flag and a friend.


On September 13 at 1:42 PM, an individual was photographed slashing a TRUMP sign at the intersection of Hy. 23 and CR TT. If you recognize this individual, please contact the RPSC at our Contact Page.  All information will be kept confidential.


Message From Sign Cutter

A Message From County Chairman Dennis Gasper

Dear Fellow Republican,

GOP Supporters

Join the Fun! Become a Member of the Republican Party of Sheboygan County

Who ever thought it would come to this?  Our president has been under attack since the day he won the election.  The left has been screaming “impeachment” for the whole time.  There is no consideration for the effect their antics are having on our country nor do they care about the constitutional issues created by a never-ending barrage of attacks on anything President Trump does.  That is shameful.  The presumed Democrat nominee epitomizes the bankruptcy of the Democrat Party.  Joe Biden is a mean spirited, bumbling socialist willing to say anything that would enhance his chances to be president even if it means dividing the nation into competing groups.  His lying and incompetence give further reason for us to get ourselves and all our Republican friends and relatives to the polls in November.


Let’s not forget about the work our state legislators are doing to water down the destructive, leftist tendencies of Governor Evers.  Left unchecked, Evers would quickly turn back the progress that Governor Walker made in the previous eight years.  Senator Duey Stroebel, Assemblymen Terry Katsma, Tyler Vorpagel, and Tim Ramthun will be running for reelection.  Let’s give them our fullest support.  The senate seat held by our Senator LeMahieu is not in play this year.


Congressman Glenn Grothman will also be running for reelection.  We must get him reelected if we are going to stop Pelosi from using congress to perpetually attempt to smother anything that President Trump tries to accomplish for the American people.  And, lets be thankful that we still have Senator Johnson in Washington.  That is a blessing.


As for your Sheboygan County GOP, we see a groundswell of support for President Trump and our other Republican candidates.  We are excited and ready to take on the challenge before us.  But we can’t do it without your help.  Please download a membership form and send it in along with your dues ASAP.  Additional contributions are appreciated and will be put to good use.





Dennis Gasper

RPSC Chairman



The Upcoming Political Battle

If you think things political are screwed up, you must look to the Democrat presidential candidates for the evidence. It is a new day where socialism is the flavor of the day; where citizens who never had a slave are supposed to pay reparations to other citizens who never were enslaved; where illegal immigrants get free health care paid by legal citizens; where the privileged have their college expenses paid for by those who chose to forego college; and where a “green new deal” would require that people get paid even if they don’t feel like working. Democrat candidates and legislators
believe that your guns should be confiscated so there are less problems while your property is being impounded to pay for this foolishness.

In order to accomplish their fantasies, the democrat presidential contenders, with the help of the fake news media, are great at attaching their culpabilities to President Trump and his supporters. They have lied to people to make them believe that Trump is a liar; they have accused Trump of colluding with the Russians when they have done the colluding; and they call Trump racist when it’s they who scare minorities into political servitude.

Don’t be confused by the rhetoric. The political battle is between a Democrat ruling class who wants to grow government at the cost of your money, your rights, and your freedom and those of us who would keep government as small as possible. It’s really that simple.

Dennis Gasper, Sheboygan


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Art DeJong, RPSC Campaign Chairman, recently wrote an excellent opinion piece titled, "Why not join the party?"

He ended his article with this call to action:

"A dynamic Republican party cannot create, “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” but it can create the space for free people to make that happen. Everyone who joins the party helps the cause. When the history of this battle for the soul of the nation is written, let it not be said that we sat out the battle on the sidelines and then mourned its loss or celebrated a victory for which we had not fought."

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