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Trump 20/20 buzzzzz has begun!!!

We are not done draining the swamp.

Announcing the Sheboygan GOP general membership meeting and Trump campaign kick-off. Be there for fun, excitement, friendship and dessert!

Time:     7:00 p.m.

Date:      Monday, June 24th

Place:     Sheboygan GOP headquarters

              1122 Indiana Ave.

              Sheboygan, WI

Agenda:  Begin with “Pledge of Allegiance”

Old Business:  Hand out Campbell awards from the Republican Party of Wisconsin to the volunteers that gave so graciously of their time during the 2018 campaign

New Business:
1) Discuss the campaign to reelect President Donald Trump

2) Caps, shirts, and buttons are available to purchase for upcoming events

3) We need parade walkers to promote President Trump and Sheboygan GOP

4) We are trying to find people to take the initiative representing Republicans at community events, where appropriate. (festivals, gun shows)

5) Recruit sign locations large and small. Will need Name, address, and phone number

6) We need additional support for our phone calling

7) We will be doing neighborhood lit drops

8) Justice Daniel Kelly will be up for reelection in April 2020

9) Speakers

10) Adjourn

Keep America Great!!!!!!

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A Message From County Chairman Dennis Gasper

April 10, 2019

Dear Fellow Republican,

GOP Supporters

Join the Fun! Become a Member of the Republican Party of Sheboygan County

The Republican Party of Sheboygan County needs your support. We are an organization independent of the Republican Party of Wisconsin or the Republican National Committee. Our purpose is to recruit and get candidates elected who reflect the opinions of Sheboygan County Republicans. Recently we organized a grass roots campaign to elect Judge Brian Hagedorn to the State Supreme Court. Not only did we win, Sheboygan County out-performed with 63% voting for Hagedorn. In addition, we will accept the challenge to defend conservative Justice Daniel Kelly in the spring of 2020.

How can you help? Your most important contribution is to proudly support Republican candidates. This can be done simply by educating those around you of your political reasoning and encouraging like-minded individuals to get out to vote. If you are a political junkie, you might find it rewarding to meet other like-minded folks at Republican events or volunteer your time and abilities to campaigns. The next partisan election will be to reelect president Trump. Your participation will make you a part of the evolving history of America. And lastly, we cannot operate without contributions from our Republican friends.

Your contribution in the form of membership dues is what keeps our headquarters at 1122 Indiana Ave. open and gives us the ability to purchase the necessary supplies and promotions needed to support the candidates who will keep our country great. A visit to our web site www.sheboygancountygop.com or connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter will keep you updated regarding Republican news, activities, and events.
If you haven’t already done so, please consider a 2019 membership.


Dennis Gasper
Chairman, Republican Party of Sheboygan County


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Art DeJong, RPSC Campaign Chairman, recently wrote an excellent opinion piece titled, "Why not join the party?"

He ended his article with this call to action:

"A dynamic Republican party cannot create, “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” but it can create the space for free people to make that happen. Everyone who joins the party helps the cause. When the history of this battle for the soul of the nation is written, let it not be said that we sat out the battle on the sidelines and then mourned its loss or celebrated a victory for which we had not fought."

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