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Campaign signs now being distributed at the Republican headquarters at 1122 Indiana Ave.

Beginning Wednesday, March 11, we will be open from Monday through Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday from 9am to 2pm.

We will have yard signs for President Trump, Justice Daniel Kelly and Judge Paul Bugenhagen.

We have ordered in a variety of Trump paraphernalia to sell.  Get them before they disappear.

The Trump campaign is gearing up fast in Sheboygan County.  The first hurtle will be to show the world that we do mean business by voting for President Donald Trump in the April 7th primary.  Do not let your friends, relatives, and neighbors pass on this all-important test of Trump’s strength in Sheboygan County and Wisconsin.  Along the way, remind them that they must vote for Justice Daniel Kelly for state supreme court and Judge Bugenhagen for our district appellate court.  This is all happening on April 7!!!!!!!

We are seeing a huge demand for large Trump signs.  Our supply will surely be inadequate to satisfy everyone who wants to show support unless we get our order in soon.  We will order 4×8’s for large yards, 2×4’s for smaller yards that our crews will install and maintain.  And, of course, we will have yard signs to pick up at our headquarters at 1122 Indiana Ave.

If you want to be assured of having a large sign displayed in your yard, we are asking for a donation of $100.  For the smaller size, it is $50.  If you can’t afford a donation of that size, give us your name, address and phone number and we will distribute the remaining signs to the locations with the greatest amount of traffic and best visibility.  Send your information to or call 920-452-0010 and state clearly your name and phone number if you get voice mail.

Dennis Gasper

Chairman, Republican Party of Sheboygan County

Watching the State of the Union address brought me back to the mandatory junior high assemblies of long ago.  Here too the class mean girls, now wearing woke white, formed a single glowering unit, daring the loathsome principal to lecture them.  They didn’t have the floor or even the majority, but they were in charge.  Heaven help the loser who thought otherwise.

It began well for them. The speaker, sporting team colors, introduced the president, pointedly omitting the usual honorific titles.  When he ignored her regal wave, her media acolytes faithfully gasped, “He didn’t even shake her hand!”

He launched the address with a litany of statistics illustrating just how well the country was doing. The girls in white and their Bernie brohs, playing for the cameras, alternated between rolling their eyes and checking their nails.  National statistics and boring facts carry even less weight in woke world than they did in that of junior. In fact, the more it appeared that Team Red was running up some impressive statistics for America, the more Team Blue smoldered.

Then the President paused and drew back the curtain.  We met a 13 year old future astronaut and a little girl who just wanted to go to a choice school.  We smiled with a young mother carrying her health child who had been born prematurely. We shared the heartbreak of a mother and father who had lost their daughter, of a military wife who had lost her husband, and of a citizen who had lost his brother, all to thugs and terrorists. We honored an ancient airman and a young sergeant,  an aging talk show icon and a young border guard, all who had devoted their lives and,  in some cases, sacrificed the joys of  family and home in the cause of freedom.  We realized that neither liberty nor justice is ever free.

Their tragedies and triumphs told the real story of America. There were few dry eyes in the house, except for those of the speaker, who stood, and dramatically ripped up the speech, lest any of her team be moved to break ranks.  Sadly, in the vote for impeachment taken the following day, not a single one dared to vote for justice.

But I, and I suspect most of the nation, was moved.  I thank the President for challenging us to rise above the partisan games and do the hard work that it takes to be one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Art DeJong, Sheboygan



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