Signs Of The Times

Signs of the Times

Republican campaign signs that appear on people’s yards and fields tell everybody that the owners understand the stakes in this election and that they refuse to be intimidated.

Most Republicans know that the stakes are high. We don’t want to impeach Trump. We know that we can’t open our borders and our entitlements to the entire population of every dysfunctional country in the world. We don’t want to shut down our economic boom and destroy what is left of the rule of law. We know that we can’t borrow our way to prosperity. Unlike those who sport Democrat yard signs, we do get it.Yard Signs

Much of the hysteria, especially that coming out of Washington, however, is not an attempt to educate, it is an attempt to intimidate. The endless investigations of anyone associated with President Trump, the confirmation mugging of Judge Kavanaugh, the thuggery of the antifa fascists, the rigged newscasts and loaded debates, even the hundreds of thousands of “refugees” charging our southern border, all are orchestrated to intimidate.

We are glad that Republican lawmakers in Madison refused to be intimidated by the Act 10 mayhem and turned this state around. We are happy that President Trump refuses to be intimidated by either foreign powers or our own administrative state. We are glad that Judge Kavanaugh refused to be intimidated by the threats that “there’s more where this came from.” We would admire cities and universities that refuse to be intimidated by threatening mobs and would elect politicians who are not intimidated by thousands of illegals charging our southern border.

Simply by placing a yard sign on our lawn, we state that we too are not intimidated. The 2211 Indiana Avenue GOP Headquarters is open 11 AM- 5 PM Monday through Friday so that you can pick up yard signs and make your statement.

We will be "the land of the free" only if we are "the home of the brave."