Editors Note: After the Tuesday, April 5th Spring Election, Sheboygan City Council District 10 candidate Joseph Heidemann won over Andre Walton 403 to 402 votes. Thursday afternoon Heidemann was informed by the City Clerk that an additional "vote" had been found.

Friday, April 8, 2020

After the Elections Canvas members voted to allow the additional ballot, it was then revealed that it was for......wait for it.......Andre Walton! So, the next step, according to state election law (which is, in my opinion, really messed up), a winner had to be determined by a card draw. Walton drew a 3. Joe drew a KING! So, Joe is the declared winner!

Walton now has the right to request a recount of the election. I believe this request was filed about 12 seconds after he lost the card draw. This recount will be set by the City Clerk for a date and time. I will let you know along with the rules of the recount and who may observe. If the recount shows no changes, Joe is the winner.

For now, say a prayer of thanks that God intervened!

Long live, King Joe!


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