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A Red Wave Breaks


A Red Wave Breaks

Art DeJong

Unlike the hurricanes that headed out to sea after battering both east and west coasts of Florida, the red tsunami that hit there surged all the way into the upper mid-west, flooding 56 of the 72 counties in Wisconsin and 66 of the 83 counties in Michigan. Every township, village, small city, and suburb in Sheboygan County, except Elkhart Lake, joined the surge which stopped abruptly at Sheboygan’s city limits. There, 20 of the 21 wards voted for big government Democrats. This raises a Bidonese, two word question, “Why?” Not why did it stop, but why did it happen? Was it climate change?

Not surprisingly the top three opponents to the wave were Dane, Menominee, and Milwaukee Counties. Liberty and limited government create prosperity for everybody, but limiting the number and sizes of government checks is not a winning message in big government towns. Their replacing election-day with harvest season just insures a house win. Naturally, Governor Evers won re-election in Wisconsin but with the support of only 16 out of 72 independent counties, while Michigan’s Governor Whitmer hung on, despite being supported by only 17 out of their 83 counties.

That a red wave, or even a red ripple, happened at all tells that there is life left in our old republic. It speaks well for the common sense, independence, and wonderful orneriness of the American people. It testifies to the integrity of lots of election officials, local volunteers, and candidates who sacrificed their personal comfort and fortunes to rescue our flailing republic. Few thought that the people of Wisconsin would have the backbone to stand against years of vitriol orchestrated against Senator Ron Johnson by the most powerful government entities and the wealthiest media and tech corporations on the planet.

This wave tells of millions of people who want to live as members of families, churches, and states, not as sub-atomic particles of an identity group or global collective. It speaks of millions more who chose the liberty of limited government over subservience to George Orwell’s outworn l984 Big Brother who still stalks the land even after 38 years. The wave that broke against Sheboygan’s city limits gives us millions more reasons to be thankful to God during this Thanksgiving season and every season.

Art DeJong, Sheboygan

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