The April 4 Election is Quite Simply a Referendum on Sanity


The April 4 Election is Quite Simply a Referendum on Sanity

Art DeJong

We should all vote “yes” on the three referendums on the April 4 ballot.  The first two are based on the sensible idea that a judge consider the danger to the public before setting bail and releasing a violent offender to prey on the community.  The third simply requires able bodied people to be looking for work in order to receive welfare benefits. It makes little sense to pay people not to work when we desperately need workers and when workers themselves desperately need to work. It is a terrible thing to treat human beings like pets, or worse, like useless eaters to be fed and watered.


But national Democrat are not flooding the state with millions of campaign dollars because they care about law and the plight of Wisconsin citizens  The letter of the law longer matters much in a country where Democrat federal prosecutors and judges get away with holding citizens for years without trial for misdemeanors like “parading” or “trespassing” while their equally lawless local counterparts can simply release violent offenders to finish the job on their victims in major cities like Milwaukee.


We all know that the failure of prosecutors and judges to stop shoplifting leads to looting, their failure to prosecute joyriding leads to carjacking, that their failure to prosecute gun laws leads to children gunning one another down on our streets and in our schools.  The “Pax Giuliani” when New York became a safe tourist destination simply by enforcing the little “broken window” laws told us that cities like Milwaukee don’t need to become lawless jungles.


Running a liberal judge like Janet Protasiewicz, who is complicit in the destruction of law and order in Milwaukee, for a seat on Wisconsin’s highest court is not a cruel joke.  It is not about law at all.  It is about whether four Democrats on the state Supreme Court and one Democrat governor can take the control of this state away from 132 elected lawmakers.  This is a big deal.  New York Times reporters are roaming Sheboygan to cover a coup, not a routine election in a swing state.


If Democrats can pull this off, it doesn’t matter what representatives of the Walmart shopping, loud mouthed deplorables think about anything—about schools or cars, free speech or guns, borders or pipelines--about law, liberty, and religion.  Five flawed people will have the power to declare, “We are the law. Shut Up and Obey.”  Only with Daniel Kelly will any of our opinions matter at all.


Art DeJong, Sheboygan


920-452 3578

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